Transitions – Part I – Making the Decision

Leaving a spouse? Buying your first house/condo? Whatever the transition, your first decision is the resolve to make it happen. The rest unfolds one step at a time. Here are a few guidelines to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Who else is involved in the decision? Who else will be impacted by your decision – kids, friends, relatives, significant other…last, but certainly not least, pets?? If your decision involves leaving a spouse, the corresponding emotional upheaval can be disastrous. Make a list of people who impact your life and those whose lives you impact. Can you uproot your children to a new neighbourhood? Does it make financial sense to move now or wait until you will be downsizing as opposed to moving laterally?

2. What will the fallout be from your decision? Where are your activities centered? Is your work in close proximity to where you live now? Are you prepared to commute? If your decision involves downsizing, can you live communally in a strata environment?

3. Where are you prepared to go? Will you give up proximity to the downtown core for space? Is a ‘neighbourhood feel’ important? Are you someone who worries about feeling safe? Is access to transit a priority?

Once you have answered these questions you will begin to formulate an idea of where you are headed.

An important consideration: if you are leaving a relationship, the necessity to understand why you are making the decision intensifies. Take the time you need and ask questions!!