A Few Bad Apples….

I would like to say I take great offence to the allegations in the media regarding the recent conduct of real estate agents and, vicariously, their brokers. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

This month I will have been a licensed Realtor® for 30 years. Real estate transactions have become more and more complex with the legal implications daunting. A real estate agent’s role is to guide their principal through these transactions with the knowledge and integrity it takes to ensure a positive outcome. Should the unforeseen occur it is our responsibility and obligation to minimize or alleviate the risk to that principal. Our reputation is based on the trust placed in us.

What is most disheartening, and frankly embarrassing, is the conduct of a relatively small number of agents within this industry who do not feel it important to uphold those values. We who practice diligently do take offence at the conduct of those who disregard the best interests of their clients. Sellers deserve and are entitled to representation that will achieve the best price possible on the open market – not one effected through a private, clandestine negotiation.

I stand behind the many colleagues who exemplify what our trademark Realtor® represents. To the rest, I would suggest you remember whom you work for.